Industry Common Induction (ICI) – Update

The mandate of 1st of June 2016 for the ICI competency is very close. Network Rail has worked in partnership with ISLG (Infrastructure Safety Liaison Group) and RIAG (Rail Infrastructure Assurance Group) to develop ICI. and will:

1. Drive safety; ensuring staff have a core competence in health safety and environment

2. Drive productivity; reduce the amount of time taken to access sites

3. Drive consistency; covering safety procedures and risks that are common across the rail industry

4. Allow more focus; tailored briefs focusing on site risks and hazards specific to a location

5. Provide an entry level competency for working in the rail industry

Proceeding the 1st June 2016 our industry’s expectation is ICI shall be business as usual.

In preparation for the 1st of June 2016 Principal Contractors and Contractors should begin preparing a more focused site
brief for those individuals who hold the ICI competency to allow them to feel the benefits of gaining the competency.

For those generic cialis no prescription staff who attend site without ICI, businesses should use their normal full site induction before allowing access,
and Principal Contractors/Contractors shall ask the question why an individual does not hold the competency.

Sentinel has been adapted to allow ICI to be checked on site, and Principal Contractors and Contractors should have
arrangements to monitor compliance to the mandate.

Individuals who attend site without an ICI, but their duties require them to hold the competency should be asked to gain
ICI within 12 site visits or within 6 weeks of 1st June 2016. After 6th of July 2016, individuals who have not complied with
the mandate shall be rejected from site.

It must be clear that the ICI site access check undertaken by persons nominated by Sponsors is not the COSS
competency check required for Personal Track Safety (PTS) etc. COSS’s are still required to make competency swipe-in

To ensure that you are still eligible to work book your ICI visit or call 0121 366 8800.