What were you doing before joining RSS Infrastructure (RSSI)?

Leaving school, I found myself working in the service industry in a fast food restaurant. Knowing that this wasn’t a career I saw progressing, my step-father Dave McDonough who is Training Manager for Infra Skills, told me about the opportunities available at RSS I. In 2014 I started training through Infra Skills, and went on to work for RSS where I am still today. Since joining RSSI have gained a number of qualifications including; Lookout, COSS, Small Tools, ATWS and Zollner.

How have RSSI supported you?

RSSI is a great company, and have always looked after me. They appreciate that I want to constantly upskill myself, and support me in gaining additional tickets, even recommending specific training courses they think would be beneficial to me.

I have always been looked after, both on and off the track. The training provided through Infra Skills is always informative and extremely beneficial, as well as being an experience I look forward to.

What are you plans for the future?

I am currently interested in the partnership between RSSI and Speedy Hire, and their opportunity to train on machinery such as the cembre and robel. I am keen to gain as many tickets as I can, because the more qualified I become, the more of a desirable candidate I will be.

I really enjoy working in rail, and it would be great to see more women joining the rail sector, as it is such a male dominated place. For me it is all about constantly advancing within my career, and not coming across many women in my line of work, I am aiming to become the first women ES. I want to prove that women are just as capable as men, and that we do have a place in this industry, maybe even encouraging more women to do the same.